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Besides offering the possibility of deferring the payment of our professional fees in several installments, we offer the option of paying such payments either in cash, by bank transfer or by credit / debit card.


Ricardo León street, 13
Alcantara Building, ground floor D
P.O. Box: 29.640 - Fuengirola
Phone : 0034 952 46 85 04
Fax ... : 0034 952 58 23 98
(Málaga) SPAIN


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The law firm SOTANO&ABOGADOS also offers the possibility of agreeing to pay our fees to a percentage of the amounts claimed, the so-called "contingency fee". This agreement shall be made after case study for each customer basis. In this way we provide our clients access to justice without making an initial financial outlay or making a payment of minimum fees to start the trial, claiming the rest of our fees after obtaining a favorable judgment to you.

Remember that the matters entrusted to our firm always be translated into a lease with the customer service, which will collect the covenant made with regard to professional fees, amount, term and payment in order that the client always has full control over the cost of contracted services.