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Ricardo León street, 13
Alcantara Building, ground floor D
P.O. Box: 29.640 - Fuengirola
Phone : 0034 952 46 85 04
Fax ... : 0034 952 58 23 98
(Málaga) SPAIN


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Lawyers Fuengirola      Lawyers Fuengirola


  Since our beginnings in the town of Fuengirola, as practicing lawyers, for over 20 years, our professional activity in criminal and civil matters has been our main work. This specialization has remained ever since as a constant in our law firm, enabling us to give client the best service in relation to the following matters:

· Assistance to detainees in police stations and in courts 24 hours a day.
· Criminal process: criminal offense and misdemeanors, Speedy Trials process.
· Processing of criminal trials of all kinds.
· Offences against Traffic Safety (alcohol level).
· Crimes of domestic violence or assistance to women victims of abuse.
· Sexual assault (rape, molestation,...).
· Drafting of reports and criminal complaints.
· Scams (fraud), misappropriation, Insolvency and Extortion.
· Threats, coercion, slander and libel.
· Crimes against public health (drug trafficking).
· Murder and Homicide, Injuries.
· Crimes committed by minors.
· Medical carelessness.

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