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Lawyers Fuengirola      Lawyers Fuengirola


Certainly foreigners need legal protection to the difficulties that may mean your stay (regular or irregular) in Spain needing a lawyer / s to advise it on any time and very quickly. Is this need of professional advice to an alien who lives in Fuengirola and Mijas, or in any other population, which has led our law firm to further study of these materials to attend and solve problems that can arise during your stay and / or permanence in our country.

- Attendance at police stations and courts.
- Records of Spanish Nationality.
- Extensions of stay.
- Outstanding permissions (immigration hold).
- Procedures for Asylum and Refuge.
- Appeals against expulsion orders.
- Action of appeals, reconsideration and administrative litigation.
- Family reunification.
- Letters of invitation.
- Authorization back.
- Records of marriage before Civil Register.
- Registration of partnerships, common-law couples.
- Certificates of Residence for EU citizens.

Labour Law